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Marriage to a Mister

Lady Fleur Osborne knows several things to be true: her father would likely continue to turn away every suitor at the door, her sister could very well end up unwed by fault of her clever mouth alone, and that Fleur herself is perfectly happy to say goodbye to the marriage mart and devote her days to caring for her father and his estate.


Happily sequestered in his dusty library with his books — the choice in no way due to the chance of seeing Lady Fleur again — Evan Woolf has been content to stay away from the ton and its featherbrained mischief. It has been too long since he has last seen her, and the history between them has deepened the chasm to bounds impassable.


But fate, it would seem, has little care for their wishes, and its plans are made known by way of two matchmaking fathers, a Viscount’s unexpected proposal, and a murderous flowerpot that thwarts their carefully laid schemes. So when the two collide in a scandal, the likes of which not even France could provide, the two may find themselves in love once again, against all odds, and with a match made forever.


Set in England during the Regency era, Marriage to a Mister is a standalone romantic comedy in the Daughters of Regency series.

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